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Common Interests = New Friends = More Fun

Corilla: One source, full clarity

Sports, trips, parties, barbecues, concerts, seminars, natural spectacles, meetings, online-raids, conventions …
There’s always something exciting to experience.

No matter, what you like to do: You definitely already noticed how complicated it can be to stay informed about the things that interest you.

Friends are sending you invitations via text messages, poster ads inform you about cool concerts and you dig through thousand uninteresting topics in order to filter out the few things that you do love to do. Right?

At Corilla you simply follow those people who have similar interests and by doing so, you stay up to date.

Intesify friendships instead of missing out on opportunities

If you are anything like us, you once found out two days late that your favorite DJ had been in town.

Friends told you after months that they were into the same sport, instead of inviting them along from the very beginning.

If you knew, that your old school mate was in town, you would have invited her to your barbecue.

And if she knew, that you were a downright ice hockey fan, she would have given you that ticket she had in spare.

The best friendships arise via common interests. At Corilla like-minded people find together.

Find new interests and inspire masses

No matter what you personal dilemma is – Corilla allows you to spend less time searching and more time at doing.

The principle is simple:

Publisher: Anybody who does something where others are welcome, publishes the according information as so-called ‘Doo’.

Subscriber: Anybody who is looking for some activity for a specific time may browse the ‘Doos’ of other users and bookmark the interesting things with the click of a button.

Bookmarked Doos are visible for you and others on your profile page.

“The more people join, the more fun it will be.”With Corilla you discover new passions and inspire people to join.

Questions & Answers

Click any question to display the according answer.

What is a Doo?

A Doo characterizes any form of activity – as well as non-activity (meditation?).
We invented the word to make it easier for you to talk about it … and for us to save some syllables.

In plural form they are talking about “many Doos”, self-evidently.

How do I follow other users?

Currently you can visit the profiles of the according users and find their published and bookmarked Doos.

In the course of further development, new possibilities for simple handing will be added.

Based on which information will Doos be suggested?

Via the menu item “Browse” you’ll find a list of all future Doos. There you can filter by date and location.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to regularly visit the profile pages of other people. Gradually you’ll find out which users rather publish or do things that interest you as well.

In the detail view of any Doo you’ll find suggestions for near-future Doos below the main information.

Are you a web-pro? You can simply manipulate the URL and thereby set the filters according to your own taste.

Is bookmarking a Doo considered a firm booking?

No. First and foremost, Bookmarking is meant for you: Bookmark Doos in order to find a well-arranged list of your activities on you profile page.

Due to the fact that other users can see which Doos you have bookmarked, they are likely to assume, that you are at least basically interested in attending.

Are other users able to see which Doos I have bookmarked?

Yes. This information is visible on your profile page. In addition, your username will display in the detail view of the bookmarked Doo.

How can I invite other users to join my Doo?

Corilla follows the Pull-not-Push principle. Anybody may publish Doos as they like – but others will only be informed if they agreed to.
Promoters have to make an effort on other platforms.

Despite that, you may of course invite friends and acquaintances to use Corilla and thereby enable them to find your Doos.
Just hand them the invitation link you find on your profile page.

Take part!

If you want to compile your own calendar from existing Doos, use the search function to browse and bookmark those things that interest you. The result ends up in your "Doo-Chain".

PS: In case you are missing a Doo in the database, enter it and then click "bookmark" afterwards. Others will be happy that the event is already there - thanks to you!

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